Ribbee Ukulele Company のアサダさんと来日していたアピラックは私のブースにやって来ました。


 そこから彼のコンサートモデルを開発することとなり、一緒に作り上げていったのがStyle-4 concertでした。彼とは今もメールで近況を報告しあったりしています。



I remember when i first saw Ancestor's Ukulele, I was walking straight right towards it because of its beautiful appearance. The first one that i picked up was soprano Low G but up until now I am still impressed by its sound. Afterwards i got a chance to know Hajime Sakai Ancestor's Ukulele Luthier. After we talked, we get impressed by each other. Hajime san made buil Apirak 's signature from Honduras mahogany in concert 12 fret joint Low G. The first time I opened the case, it is simple but beautiful as I wanted it, and fits in my style. Its sound was warm and echo as mahogany should be, every single note is distinct. I want just right tension and it responses my need very well. Nowadays this ukulele is my true buddy! Thank you.